Add AAVE, COMP, MKR to the menu

AAVE, COMP and MKR are the governance tokens of the top3 lending platforms with over 2b+ capitalization and a TVL between 6b to 10b. The hodlers of these tokens are familiar with lending platforms and surely potencial users of Ruler.

Because the size of their capitalization, the demand and the close relation with the market of Ruler, I suggest to add these 3 tokens as “Core” collaterals with a 150 ruler\week rewards.

Sifu also suggested to do an airdrop to these token holders, I think is a pretty good idea.

I would like to suggest calling the whole move “soft vampire attack”



I support adding the collateral and an airdrop to these holders to incentivize a move.

Perhaps targeting tokens already being used as collateral, aAAVE for instance, would attract users currently borrowing against their positions on other platforms.

I’m hesitant to add even more emissions to our farms – we’re rapidly becoming the best stable farm in town, which just leads to relentless dumping of ruler rewards.

Fei is a good example where we’re basically allowing the market to decide the benefits of lending/borrowing against the asset.

If we vote to incentivize these new pools, I really hope it’s sub 100% APY. It’s getting out of hand.

An airdrop just sounds like another way to get ruler dumped on SLP and xRuler heads. I think we can get the attention of lenders/borrowers through our protocol model – we don’t have to give them “free gibs”.

I would like to add that if we do add these tokens are collateral options, that we include YFI and LINK.

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I think attracting users from those protocol would be good, but like pwnlord69 the additional RULER emisison is concerning.

In fact, I think we should add so many other popular coins, like LINK, YFI, UNI, GRT, BAL, etc etc, there are lots of defi fan favorites that are looking for places to be used. But then problem is Ruler inflation.

Maybe we can wait for FEI pool to come out as experiment and see how non-incentivized pool performs. If works well maybe we can do with no emission or very low emissions for many other tokens.

I do believe these coins, specially AAVE and COMP, which a lot of people want to hold, but have limited use, would add a true case use to Ruler and launch us to wider general knowledge.

I voted to add these as normal rather than core. If they do indeed get a high degree of demand then we can update them via the rolling weekly changes at any point, but i’m reticent to frontload them with a load of tokens before we’ve seen the demand.