Using the protocol
Official tutorials from the team on using Ruler Protocol
Note: there maybe some design changes in the protocol we will do our best to update the videos in due time. Besides design changes everything functions as the same. Deposit function is now renamed to "Mint"


Timestamps Mint Ratio, Repayment token, Expiry and Borrow rate. 0:20 How to borrow? 3:17 Repay 5:35 Bonus Tips: 5:59


Timestamps Risks 1:24 Lending 1:58 Recovering Interest 3:00


Liquidity Providing

Timestamps RC & RR Tokens 1:41 Adding Liquidity 2:30 Obtaining 3CRV tokens 3:21 Deposting 3CRV tokens into the farm to earn Ruler tokens 3:25

Redeeming (After Expiry)

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